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More FREE things!

I've had so much fun doing free logos here that I've decided to do another blog to give all sorts of stuff for free! If you have a blog, website or business or you just plain love to get free stuff... check it out, I will personaly give free stuff via a daily drawing and also post some links on how to get free stuff in other corners of the web :)
Up for grabs today is a $50.00 GOOGLE adwords credit and a link to get some free business cards! Yeehaaa.. I enjoy giving free stuff as much as you like receiving it.

Click here to go to Free Business Stuff! If you have a blog or website, let your visitors know about this, they want free stuff too!

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Kristi said...

Hi! I've noticed your work around and would love to have you create something for my blog. I'm definitely not the artsy type, so this could be a challenge for you! I am still working on my entire blog design, and would love a logo to be the anchor.

Yes, I am a mommy blogger. It is not baby 24/7 though.

I really enjoy retro looking illustrations. Especially back to the 40's 50's and 60's.

Here are two examples of what I really like.

Like I said, use your discretion with the colors. I would like to design my blog around the logo.

Thanks! Good luck!