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Logos for 21-11-2005

This isn't aimed at anyone in particular but I'm getting many request for modifications to the logos that could be avoided is the description was more detailed when it was requested. I don't mind modifying them but it's time consuming so please try and be considerate and take a few moments to describe your logo as best you can, colors, etc so it will save me time.

Here you go complimenter dude :) I hope you like it, if not, I can do something else, It's an honnor for me to do this for you, I admire what you're doing with your blog... good karma for you.
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I hope that sort of what you wanted? Oh and maybe just add my link if you don't know how to do the image... The path to the image is located by right-clicking on the image you want to use and selecting "properties" you'll see the path.


Peter Porcupine said...

I'd like a logo for my blog - Federalist, Colonial in feel - beige and hunter green for color. If you look at my header, I always wanted to put Doric columns to flank the words. My picture is OK, but if you look at this post - -you will see a cartoon from the Federalist era that cartictured me.

Peter Porcupine said...


LadyBeth said...

Thank you so much! The banner is very lovely! You did an excellent job! I appreciate it! You are very talented, it is so nice of you to share with us all.



Diane said...

Hi Franco,

I've added you as admin for Diary of a Mad Cat. Thanks for putting your logo into the blog for me.

One of these days I'll have time to learn about html.



The Complimenting Commenter said...

Thank you so much. Two small changes if possible. Could you stretch it out horizontally to about 600 px? Also, could you make the black circle around the hand a little thinner? I love the look and feel of it though. Can't wait to put it up.

Alan Bendawald said...

I have left a request for a logo design last rush but when you get a chance...would love to see something on this.

Company Name: Steel Brokers Network, LLC

Preferred Colors: Burgundy (or Deep Red) and Silver ( or Gray)

Type of Business: I broker and sell steel to end users and large distribution companies and manufacturers.

They are large coils of galvanized steel, painted steel, and cold roll (rusted material)

Something simple...but professional.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alan Bendawald

Franco said...

Hi Alan,

Perhaps your haven't read the instructions but I require a link back before I do a logo. Please provide the URL of your website where you have put your link up.
If you don't have a website to put a link to this blog, I can do one for a fee, contact by email at franco (at)



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