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Logos for 12-11-05

Here are today's logos... click for original size.

Click for large version... I did it the same width as the one you have on there... I can resize if you want. Also, if the background color isn't right, let me know...

Regular guy... let me know if it's to your taste or not... if it is and you use it, could you put the link on your site to point directly to instead of it pointing to your link redirection function... just if possible... I'd appreciate it.


slightlydrunk said...

Hey Franco!

This looks great, you did a fantastic job! It is much appreciated.

I also want to use your design as a banner (468x60), a button (88x31), and in numerous other places I can think of.

Could you recommend to me a freeware program that can do some re-sizing with minimal degradation, etc?

If you have a banner or button advertising your site, send it over to me and I will post it on my blog, so we can let more folks know about your great work!

Thanks again !

Franco said...

Email me at franco (at) nominimumDOTcom

I did those 2 size... I don't know of any freeware programs, no... the 88 button was no problem but the 468 banner I had to change it a bit so it didn't look too distored.

Zamri Nanyan said...

Hello Franco,

If you don't mind, please design 3 logos for me. It's actually one logo for 3 websites. The difference is in the titles. The graphic should be the same.

These logos will be used for my 3 article directories.

The logo will have a picture of a pen made from feather (just like you did for thecontentcorner), a piece of paper and a bottle of ink. I picture the logo to be old-style like, but given yellowish, greenish and redish colors to the logo. I don't mind if you'd change these colors if they can match nicely with I'd let your creativity rule your work. :-)

Then, using the same graphic, please add texts like below and create three logos of the same pictures.

Big Article Directory
Article Domain
Active Articles

These texts will have light shadow underneath them. Since the texts are a bit longer, you can extend the width of these logos twice the size of the normal logos I see on your website. You can choose any colors that look suitable. Red or blue sounds OK.

FYI, I've also linked back to your website. Here they are:

I hope you could help me on this.

Thank you. Your completed work on your website is definitely superb.


Franco said...

Hi Zamri,

These website are pretty much all the same... do you plan to sell these websites or develop & maintain these for yourself?
Also, I require the link to be placed on the home page.



Zamri Nanyan said...

Hello Franco,

I'm maintaining these three and I don't plan to sell them. If things change, I'll let you know because you should be monetarily compensated should these sites were sold. For now, I'm not planning to sell them.

I've also put a link back on each mainpage to your site.

Please let me know if I need to provide more info.


delite said...

Hi! :)
I found your link while surfing via BA
I would love for you to create a logo for me. One that I can use on BA.
Something that would compliment the colors I already have on my site would be nice..
And something a bit hot & sexy will work too!! ;)

Franco said...


Ok, thanks for clarifying, I just didn't want to make free logos for someone who would build & sell wesbites.
I don't care if it's sold in the future and I don't need to be compensated if it is... just as long as it's not the immediate goal of the site.
I will try to finish these logos today.. should be fairly simple, the way you explained it.

Heathen Dan said...

Hello, I found your site while surfing through Blog Explosion. Nice designs, I must say.

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, can you design a logo for me? My site is called Expletive Deleted and is found in It's a personal blog and my focus is on science, philosophy and religion. I have no design in mind in particular, given that I am not artistically inclined.

And, please do not let the UFO design in my blog fool you. It's a default template and I will change it when newer designs become available. I will, perhaps, keep the blue color, since I like that the most.

Margus said...

free logos?

well, it looks like you get what you pay for.

Franco said...

Margus-- that's very true for you. The other here will get what they don't pay for.
You can go ahead an pay for it elsewhere.

Brian said...

Sorry for the delay - life got in the way.

Can the image be less superhero-ey? Ilike the color scheme and the fonts, but am not quite sure the image works for me.

And I will try and fix the link issue.