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Logos for 11-11-2005


bobbi jo said...

Oh wow. My logo is totally awesome. I'm almost speechless. I love how you matched the colors in the words to the colors of the little dude. It definately gives my site some attitude. Thanks.

bobbi jo

Brian said...

I am looking for something for my site

You can see the attempt I have there with the tagline: Why Stand Out? Be Regular.

I would like this kind of theme either using the picture I have on there or some sort of art. I would like blue and white to continue the look of the site as it is. I appreciate it.


Laurie said...

I like the colors you used for bobbi jo. This is totally awesome that you are doing this for free. I have put your link in the footer of my site so it will show up on every page that my site has and grows in the future. Please let me know if you change and start charging.

I would like a pic of say a boy/girl or man/woman facing each other, holding out their big fat pants with their skinny bodies inside. Something of that nature.

The name on the site is: Free Article Information Directory, Everything You Need to Know About Losing Weight!

The first line isn't necessary in the logo, but incorporating the Everything You Need to Know About weight Losing Weight! would be awesome.

You can use the whole top if you like, ie 500 x 100-125.

Use your imagination. If you wanted to blend some people journal writing or running, or pigging out behind the words on the right side it would be cool. Just suprise me. The site they will go on is

Thanks again, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I have a site up already that definitely needs a tuneup, you can see how big the links can grow by visiting

You can also see my amatuer logo there. LOL

Kindest regards,
Laurie Meade

PS I will also put a post in my sidebar at my blogspot account.

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