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52 comments: said...

Todays free logo is awesome I hope you can make a cool one for me. Black Dragon Products
I would be very thankful

Ronak Shah said...


I have sent a request numerous times now. I am waiting and I would be really glad if you could help me with a web 2.0 logo (web 2.0 colors and reflection effect) for "Web Writing Experts" at (coming soon).

I will be very much grateful if you create a web 2.0 logo that I would love to use it on my website.

Thanks and regards,
Ronak Shah said...

Logo creation for a website targeted to women 18-35 who participate in pageants. The website is and it is a pageant clothing consignment store. Some ideas I have is the name "PageantSwap" with a Crown somehow, or 2 "queens" fighting over a dress, or something else really unique!

I am on a very tight schedule and would like to select and pay and be done ASAP. Budget is important as we are a start up but future projects WILL follow for the right person!


joshua said...

Hello, i am starting a site like myspace, but much small called - i need a logo made up for right now, but over the next
few weeks i will need many things designed up, my last designer has
left the usa for a few months so i am stuck. This is pretty much what
i want, Add to be red and Star to be blue then the 2nd R in starr to
be Red then below in small text i would like in blue - A Exciting
Social Network Community - the colors kinda like logo, but if
you can make like a star beside ir or something go ahead, your the pro
not me, hope this gives you some sort of idea said...

- A new Exciting
Social Network Community
- An Exciting
Social Network Community


joshua said...

An Exciting
Social Network Community IS FINE THANKS A BUNCH

joshua said...

An Exciting
Social Network Community -- would be great thanks (add starr

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