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Free Logo Design Batch 6 For Warriors Special Offer

Here is another batch of logos! WOW did I not anticate this kind of response... so many... logos... to... do... I think I will dream of logos haha.

What a reponse!
I didn't count exactly yet but it must be nearing 100 free logos requested! It's amazing, I am truly impressed by the response. Some people have mentioned "telling everone about this blog" or "mentioning your blog to my list"... no need to get my permission, by all means! I think this is something that every blog/site owner can benefit from, please do so, I appreciate every single time this blog is mentioned very much, it helps traffic a lot in the long term.

Let's Keep In Contact!
I ask also that you guys join my mailling list above, I would be very appreciative, currently it's hosted on notify list which is very good but I will import to aweber soon. That way, I can keep in contact with all of you guys and will make making these logos all worth it as the main goal of this endeavor for me is to meet like-minded business / website owners such as yourself and make lasting contacts and business relationships!

Keep them coming :)

FREE LOGOS Counter: 221 ($22,100 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)Get your free logo today, post your request in the comments bellow! :)


Scott W said...

I am doing a redesign of my blog, The Troglodyte, at I will be using Blogger's Thisaway template as the basis and need a new banner/logo. I'd like to keep St. Benedict, but maybe have him writing, or on the computer. Thank you.

Henry Guardado said...

Nice logos Franco! I was looking for a logo of a silhouette of a kayaker paddling wearing a Indiana Jones type hat. Curved over the top of the kayaker will read "Sea Striker" and curved under the kayaker will read "Kayaking". The background can be black and the lettering white with blue outline. You can take a look at my blogspot to see the name
Let me know if you have any questions. My email is on the blog. I've put your link on the blog. Thanks in advance.


Angela Chen Shui said...

Thank you for your generous WSO offer.
I've joined your mailing list and will be back to order more paid work...
For today, I'd appreciate a logo for a new membership site to deal with:

spiritual awakening
spiritual growth
spirituality information
law of attraction
multidimensional communication

via the website.

Thanks, Franco.


PS I'm available via WF, username: revangela

Diet Review Board said...


I'd like to request a logo for a new self-help/personal development site I'm working on -

Craig said...
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Craig said...

Hi Franco,

I love your WSO and it looks like I am just getting in before the 9/21/07 cutoff date.

I would appreciate a logo for a brand new site ... --

Something along the lines of the "insider" logo you have displayed with the drop shadow. Please have the font matching what shows on my site now and a capital "S" along with a drop shadow that shows up on the black background.

Our focus is helping others create better blogs.

Thanks again for such a great offer!


Sarah said...


I would appreciate a logo for our website

Something along the lines of what I created and shows there, but much nicer would be fantastic.

Thank you.


René said...

Hi Franco,

Very Nice logo. Can you make one for my new site:
Thanks alot,

haikl said...


InsideOutTrader said...

What a great way to get your name out there! I love it!

My site is Inside Out Trading and I provide educational and developmental products for traders of stocks, forex, futures, etc. Main theme and the name is that a trader will find their success in themselves, not in a system.

You can reach me at

Deb said...

Hi franco,

Looks like I entered my info for a free logo for the wso in the wrong place. I put it in the entry form at the top of your blog last night. Sorry! I'll put it here now.

My site is http://www.ydmwebconsulting. The logo needs to be professional more than playful. That's the only criteria I have.


P.S. I originally posted on 9/30/07 so please count me as not requiring a link back. Okay?

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