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Biggest update yet for the warrior's Forum Free Logo Design Special offer... 25 logos... whew.. lots of logos :) maybe I hold the record for most logos designed in a week? :)

Keep the Logo design requestion coming, to get your Free Logo, post your request in the comments section below.

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MaryLouise said...

Hope I'm not too late for the Warriors logo offer, Franco -- you've done an amazing job here!

Actually I need two logos (one's for my husband's site). If that's not asking too much! :-)

1. For -- sort of a hodge-podge site right now but is intended to play on our last name. I envision a script or italic capital "E" followed by a plus sign, perhaps with both in a circle (an "O"). Or maybe without the circle.
2. For -- a site I recently bought from another Warrior. It's a self-improvement site using Law of Attraction and (of course) positive thinking. Again, I started thinking about the symbols -- the numeral "1" with a plus sign. But the acronym "OPT" is so cool for IM and my self-imp mkt ("OPT in," "OPT for") that I think something with those letters might have more impact and be more memorable.
May your genius take over! Thanks again so much,
MaryLouise English

Dan Klatt said...

Hi Franco,

I like the work you do, it's quite attractive.

Could you create something that stands out, for my site, "Enlist In The War Against Scarcity/Fear/Lack"

I want people to instantly get it by looking at the image, that this war is won through having a prosperity consciousness, by resisting the culture of lack.

Thank you,

Dan Klatt said...

Hi Franco,

Please design a logo for my ezine site, Center Of Affluence.

I envision something like a mountain of gold coins, spilling out from the center, like a volcano shape, with concentric circles moving outward and flat, superimposed on that, like they have on the earthquake maps around the epicenter.



valmg said...

I could really use a logo for my site Something to connect with the title of my blog. I sort of envision a woman, or a woman's head and giving the appearance she knows it all. It doesn't matter on coloring because I can change the theme to highlight the logo. I'd be happy to link to you if chosen. Thanks.

JDR said...

Hi Franco,

I really like the work you do. Thanks for this wonderful service. We need a logo for our iPod repair website, Maybe a cartoon doctor loading a sad/broken iPod into an ambulance or a broken iPod on an operating table.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

Jason said...

I am very impressed and would feel honored if you would create a logo for my website. Our most popular items re the dragon cell phone charms and the moldavite jewelry. Something clean, attractive and maybe black and gold or burgandy but feel free to use your instincts since they do well.

MAFRENCH said...

Great work guys,could you create a logo for my site Zimfriendz with fonts textured in a Zimbabwean flag and with victoria falls falls and green vegetation on the background.

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Essy said...

I liked your images.. Attractive too.. Custom Logo Design

vinailagan said...

Great logos!
Will try to make amazing logos with yours as my inspiration using this website