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Free Custom Logo Design for 09-01-2007

Today's Free Logo Design Winner is D&K Bookkeeping services. Tries to keep it simple, conservative and professional looking, hope you like it.

Might not work with a white background for your website, so here it is with your current background image, 2 versions.

Everyone else gets a logo at 75% off should you choose to request this, email me at franco (at) or you can always participate again by re-posting your request in the comments below this post.

Thanks for everyone's support in 2006 and to everyone who gave donations, their time to help me promote this site (wink at Tara ;) ) and for everyone who gave their kind words and offered encouragement. I hope 2007 is a year of great accomplishments, health and happiness for everyone out there!

Keep the requests coming, don't be shy even if there are many requests, post yours too!



($15,300 worth of Logo designs for FREE!)


Matt Ortega said...


Name: SOTUblog or State of the Union Blog or just State of the Union

dkbook said...

Many, many thanks Franco. Looks great, now for some fun working out exactly where to use them. Colour should work well with our site. I have been spreading the word around a bit but I am not as prolific as our friend Tara :-)

Thanks again.

sara said...


hey, how u been? well, i am sara from "rewards4clicks"...

hey i see my friend here dkbook won also, just like tara...yes, us three are online buddies...long story.

anyway, i have another uncoming website, and i need you to design for me another logo...but since i aleady won free logo, i am NOT asking for it free at all!!!

so, at least give me a discout man! l.o.l., because i am in a budget.
is just i been getting other logo designers to get me an idea and i am just NOt satisfied with what i seen so far, plus without mentioning some are requesting me at leat 10-15 days before the can show me something....and I cannot wait because, we will go live soon.

the site is called: "Rewards 4 Offers"
but i would liked this time something simplier than the "free i got from you"...something more ...well, not "funky" and smaller...more serious and professional.

we will giving as rewards electronics and cash. so, do you have any ideas for this???


Franco said...

hi sara, please email me at franco (at)

dkbook said...

Hi Franco,
Just thought I would let you know I have been using the great logo's you designed for me, finding all sorts of places I can use them. Great work. Thank you.

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