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Logo for 10-26-2006

Hello Everyone,

Today's winner is Glen's Garden. Every other participant if you would like a logo at 50% off, please contact me or re-post your request for a chance to win the next free logo :).
Keep the requests coming :)

As per your request, the logo is 125x125:


Taradab said...

Hi Franco, it's great to see you back and getting into the swing of things again. Anyway, I don't need a logo right now since I already have the fabulous one you made for me but I am wondering if you also do banners? I could use two or three for my new forum which I have finally just got up and running. My PTR site is not ready yet and it is taking longer to get done than expected so I decided to go ahead with the forum first. It's working out great but I need to work on getting more members so I would like to start promoting it more and, since I already know what excellent work you do, I decided to see if you do banners as well. If so, will you please let me know so that I can tell you what I would like? If you would rather check out the forum first to get an idea of what I may want you can check it out here:

Dizzy Dough Work from Home Forums ~

If you do by chance decide to check the forum out first please do me a favor and scroll down the forum index page until you see the 'Banner Blitz' section. When you find it take a look thru the banners there and you will see a nice yellow banner with a humorous looking dog on it; it should look familiar to you because, of all things, it is one of yours, LOL. When I got word from you that you were 'back in business' I went and put the banner back in right away. This is the kind of banner I am talking about that I would like for my forum...well, except with my info instead of yours, of course, hee, hee.

Anyway, if you do indeed do these kinds of banners and you have the time to do them will you kindly let me know? Also, if you could give me a rough time frame and a ballpark figure on the cost I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanx so much!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Again, thank you. Have a good one!

Tara :)

Franco said...

Yo Tara :) how are you?
Thanks for putting my banner :-)... Sure I do banners, I do anything you can imagine web-related and when I can't do something, I have people that I work with that help me out.
Send me an email franco (at) ... we can discuss it. I know how hard it is to get a forum started and I have some experience in that, I can give you a few tips.

Taradab said...

Anything web related, eh? Okay, then go win me one of those web-related casino games that pays out millions of dollars, LOL. Hey, you did say 'anything', hee, hee. Anyway, I am so glad to hear that you indeed do banners as well. To be honest, after seeing the work you do and the way that you do it, I just wouldn't want to use anybody else. I like the idea of 'knowing' beforehand if I can trust someone and of course, from past experiences with you, I know that I definitely can (your stuff absolutely rocks). Anyway, I'll contact you asap regarding the banners. Thanks so much for the offer to help. Take care and we'll talk soon!

Tara :)

PS: Hmmm, come to think of it, there is a big ugly spider living in a web outside my front window. Can you come over and kill it for me? After all, a spider in a web is definitely web-related, ha, ha.

Franco said...

ha ha

Ok, I guess I'll go kill the spider :(

Matt O. said...

Hey Franco,

New site up at, using the acronym for "State of the Union."

I am looking for logos in three sizes (medium size, thin for the header and a small square that could be used for a .ico icon)

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