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Logos for 24-04-2006

Here are some logos for today.

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Peter said...

Hi Franco, How about designing a nice logo for my Website Blogger Help. It is a website to help those using the Blogger blogging service (blogspot). Description of the site: "Tips for those using the popular BLOGGER blogging service, that is, blogspot. Many of the tips are also relevant to those using other blogging services." As you can tell from the url, the original Heading of the blog was Blogger for Dummies, but that was changed to Blogger Help for various reasons. Thanks.

Robert said...

Hi Franco,

Great job on the Resell Rights logo! Thanks a million!


Joanne Casale Viskup said...

Hi Franco! I'm not sure if this is the right place for me or not...I would like to post a banner at BlogExplosion that would then link to my blog. They need a URL for the banner. I don't want to use the banner from my blog as it is lengthy and boring. My site is It's a slice of life/humor/women/famiy and kids type of thing. For the graphic per haps a girl hailing a cab - you know, hip out, arm up a city street scene. You see, I live in Ohio now so the idea is "You can take The Girl Out Of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of The Girl. I'm the girl. I don't know if you would do a color graphic of a woman, but I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I would also like her to have curves which is also reflective of me (Yike - this is starting to sound like a personal ad!)Anyway - if I don't have the right place, please let me know. If I do, I look forward to seeing what you can come up with. I will try to post your button now. Thanks so much!!

Caffeine Driven said...

Hello Franco, I've just started a blog called 'effects of gravity' which is nothing to do with science apart from its effects on the middle aged female anatomy. the description of the blog is "written by a woman in a stout bra whilst trying to ignore something discovered by a man lazing under a tree" - this doesn't need to be included but might help you get the picture, so to speak. I like clean images, though i'm really open to your creative bent and like all colours. I don't mind if its a bit cheeky or quirky. If you intend to implement a female figure within the design I'm average frame (not skinny but not munch-monster)red haired, harrassed mother of four. A female figure is not essential but it would be cool if the logo reflected the female, not so serious, eyes rolling at life elements of the blog. It can be found at I'd really appreciate knowing what font you use if you use an unusual one so I can match my heading text up with it. Diolch yn Fawr! from Caffeine Driven

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