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Today's Logos

Here are logos done today, owners of these new logos... please comment if you satified or not and I can bring revisions...

Those that want a free logo done... post a comment with your logo specifications. I get request for logos but when I go to the website, there is no link to this blog... please please put a link to this blog somewhere on the page where the logo will be used if you're gonna request I do a free logo.

(I have bigger version 400px... email me and I'll send it by email if you need bigger)


I Santoso said...

Thanks for the draft. Can you make the words "Learn and Grow!" side by side? I think I'd prefer a simple typography logo (without the black board)...perhaps more similar to your helpmeblog logo.
Do you think it is better if the font for "grow" is not a cursive type but similar to "learn"?
Thank you.

Franco said...

Hi Isantso... ok I did another one.. I know you said simple typography but I couldn't help myself :) If you don't like it... I'll do another one with just letters.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I would be very glad and grateful if you could oblige to let me be one of the beneficiaries of your free logo designs for my BoggyWoggy weblog on

Franco said...

I thought the instructions were clear... I'm happy to do a free logo.. but please if you're gonna request I do one.. PUT A LINK ON THE WEBSITE first... saves us both alot of time and you get your logo.

Askrra said...

I would like a Logo for my blog, have the link up for you thier, at HTTP://

I have thier a banner that i made, as an idea.


EuroYank said...


Would like a logo to have the red, white and blue colors, with the first link graphic below as background, and the second link graphic super imposed on the first with the "Not All Is As It Seems," being the headline.

This logo will be used on my blog at this link ...

Graphics ....

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Ron said...

my blog name is iRon and i want the logo of the same name...make it funky and rock type..mine is a hacking and entertainment type blog...url is